Why should I rent a photo booth?

Why should I spend the money on a photo booth?

These are questions I get asked a lot, so here are my top 5 responses:

  1. Give Guests something to do at your event.
    • Some guests may not like music, or dance. Or, something to do between lull time. A Photo Booth gives them another fun thing to do.
  2. A Photo Booth is suitable for all ages.
    • Not just for Adults, but Kids love to “ham it up.”
  3. Guests will enjoy the opportunity to have their photo taken.
    • Guests are all “dollied up” for the event; they will enjoy the opportunity to “show off.”
  4. You get to have a fun guest book.
    • Instead of a sign-in guest book, use photos from the Booth to add more memories for your event.
  5. Give all Guests something to remember the event.
    • Giving guests the opportunity to have their photo taken, to remember the occassion, long after it”s gone.  Years later they”ll say, “Remember that party.”

I hope these answers will convince you that having a photo booth at your next event is not just about the money, but about the memories and the enjoyment all will receive for years to come.

So why should you rent our photo booth? 

Photo Booth of the Hudson Valley

You spent months planning your event, and I’m sure you considered a special theme. So why get a photo booth that uses a background of gold, yellow or silver back-drop.

At Photo Booth of the Hudson Valley, we can customize our backgrounds to go along with the theme you chose. Whether it is Ninja Style, Wedding Formal, Dinosaur, Country, Hollywood Celebrity, or yes, even Barney.

Give us a call, for a no obligation consultation, to see what we can do for you.